Interested in SaaS Ecosystems? Based on our experience in the software asset management industry, along with working alongside SaaS partner companies (often resellers and distributors involved with Microsoft 365), we discovered cloud business growth must focus on three key areas:

  1. How will you gain customers?
  2. How will you retain customers?
  3. How do you add value to your offerings?

To grow your cloud business, and keep growing, understanding the SaaS ecosystem is key to answering the above questions.

The Value of Partnerships in a SaaS Ecosystem

It takes a team to build your SaaS business, which includes active partnerships. Partnerships improve your SaaS ecosystem by acting as an extension of your current team, particularly in sales. However, partnerships assist in many areas like marketing, selling, and offering value-added services to your current business offerings.

With a flywheel of partnerships, you have access to new and updated SaaS applications which extend your products / services. This additional coverage allows you to target customers in different ways, often boosting customer loyalty by keeping up with the changes in technology and business needs.

It is vital to have successful partnerships to ensure growth in your cloud business. To understand how TBSC and Smarter SaaS help our partners, read our partner success story published by Microsoft:

Creating a Network

Creating a network of partners offers new ways of entering markets and contacting customers in ways you might have not been able to before.

Since TBSC focuses on building SaaS software, our partnerships focus on other areas, often specializing in sales or value-adds to our bread-and-butter product Smarter SaaS.

Based off our experience, we found that utilizing Yammer for communications and collaboration is helpful when staying in contact with our partner companies. Once our partners are trained on our Smarter SaaS product, they gain full access to the Partner Yammer Group, as well as templated sales and marketing materials for promotional content. Our current ecosystem of partners includes over 200+ contacts, all valuable and adding their own unique services to Smarter SaaS.

As a reseller or distributor with TBSC, you retain control of how to sell and market Smarter SaaS. Likewise, we do not contact end users / clients without partner permissions. The reason we do this varies from partnership to partnership, but often it involves partners knowing how to meet their client expectations.

Partnerships with Developers

At TBSC we create products that offer solutions to SaaS management. Our current focus is on Microsoft 365 management with our product Smarter SaaS. Click here to learn more:

The two major benefits to partnering with developers include:

  • Tapping into niche markets and satisfying customer requirements they do not have time to address
  • New applications / updates to applications decrease customer churn

TBSC Partnership Opportunities

Learn more about TBSC Partnership Opportunities by getting in touch with us today!

At TBSC we choose to work with talented partners so that we can realise our mission: to become the most trusted provider of brilliant software efficiency experiences to businesses. This collaborative approach means our customers benefit from an enriched and consistent experience.

We are accredited with all our partnerships, established and managed on a foundation of mutual respect, benefit, and open and honest communication.

We understand that customers’ needs are best met by constructing a strong and diverse supply chain of experts. We are therefore, continually seeking the following types of partnerships:Technology partners, Joint Solution partners, Resellers, Distributors, and Manages Service Providers.

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