We are excited to introduce a comprehensive approach to managing the Copilot lifecycle, ensuring optimal performance and success in leveraging its AI capabilities within Microsoft 365. Unlike traditional applications, Copilot requires a strategic approach due to its reliance on cloud data, integration with essential M365 apps, and the critical need for a secure environment. To streamline this process, TBSC has collaborated with Microsoft to offer a four-stage SaaS-based service designed to plan, prepare, implement, and optimize Copilot effectively.

Stage 1: Planning with Smarter SaaS 365

Smarter SaaS 365 facilitates the planning stage by analysing the organization’s starting point, ensuring the availability of necessary data in appropriate locations, and selecting users for Copilot. It identifies hidden implementation costs, outlines feasible objectives, and sets the foundation for a successful deployment.

Stage 2: Preparation for Deployment

Preparation is key to resolving critical issues and laying the groundwork for Copilot deployment. Without addressing key concerns during this stage, the implementation process may encounter hurdles. Smarter SaaS 365 assists in resolving these issues, ensuring a smooth transition to deployment.

Stage 3: Implementation and Deployment

Effective deployment and implementation rely on continuous monitoring to ensure Copilot subscribers are utilizing its capabilities. Smarter SaaS 365 provides automated tracking and analysis throughout this stage, enabling proactive measures to address any deviations from the plan and maintain a secure environment.

Stage 4: Ongoing Optimization

The journey doesn’t end with deployment. Ongoing optimization of cost, usage, and security is crucial to evaluating the return on investment (ROI) and maximizing the benefits of Copilot. Smarter SaaS 365 offers automated tools for optimization, ensuring continuous improvement and enhanced performance.

Why Smarter SaaS 365?

Developed by TBSC, an approved Microsoft ISV partner and Software Solutions Provider of the Year (Livewire Enterprise Awards 23/24).

Approved by Microsoft, Smarter SaaS 365 guarantees compliance and compatibility with Copilot and Microsoft 365.

Quick setup: Smarter SaaS 365 can be set up in just 15 minutes, automating essential groundwork for Copilot implementation.

In conclusion, managing the Copilot lifecycle through the four stages of planning, preparation, implementation, and optimization is essential for unlocking its full potential within Microsoft 365. With Smarter SaaS 365, we can streamline this process, ensuring a smooth and successful journey towards maximizing the benefits of Copilot.

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