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TBSC is proud to have earned the prestigious European Commission Seal of Excellence for our exceptional Smarter products. Our recognition speaks volumes about the quality and innovation we bring to the table. With our Smarter solutions, you can effortlessly stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of SaaS and SAM, unlocking efficient and effective ways to optimize your current software strategy. To learn more about TBSC and our awards please visit our About Us page.

Experience the benefits of quick, efficient, and cost-effective software asset management today! Our products are readily available for download on Microsoft AppSource and Marketplace, ensuring easy access for organizations seeking smarter solutions. Join countless satisfied customers who have already discovered the power of TBSC’s offerings and take your software management to the next level.

Smarter Secure for Microsoft 365

Smarter Secure is a SaaS platform that addresses the problem of Microsoft 365 security with data collection and analysis of weaknesses and security issues. The data is presented through a health-check report showcasing areas that need attention to improve the secure score.

Smarter Secure is different from Microsoft Secure Score by providing one-on-one assistance with:

•Helping customers understand what the secure score is 

•Resolving issues    

•Determining relevance of issues

•Addressing 3rd party security    

•Ensuring correct licenses are used

Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365

Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based Software Asset Management solution that optimises Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365 automatically recommends how to reduce IT costs whilst finding the best Microsoft 365 subscriptions for every user. The installation process is quick and the dashboard is easy to use and understand.

An additional feature to Smarter SaaS, our Smarter SaaS for Microsoft Teams service helps your business optimise remote working and ensures an efficient, connected, employee network, all from the comfort of each home office. Additionally, Smarter SaaS Teams aids in productivity, reduced employee stress, and optimizes ROI on home worker investments.

To learn more on Smarter SaaS for Microsoft 365, check out the product page here.

Value Added Services

Microsoft 365 Subscription Reharvesting

Recycling or cancelling unused subscriptions to reduce wasted cost and security risks.

  • Identify Microsoft 365 subscribers who have not used any cloud apps in the last 30 days.
  • Compare with HR, Payroll or contractor records to create list of subscriptions to be recycled.
  • Cancel subscription names and move them to surplus.
  • Storing mailboxes or converting to shared mailboxes.

Professional Services

This service provides an optimization of Microsoft 365 secure score and the closing down of security alerts. It is a service which is completed in one day in association with an end user organization or their supplier of IT services.

  • Highlight live security threats
  • Security alerts and validation
  • Review of security risks
  • Risk Acceptance
  • Secure Score optimization
  • Secure Score validation

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary in the free Health-Check report provides an informative snapshot of your organization’s Microsoft 365 environment. While it differs from the production version of the Health-Check report, the Executive Summary delivers essential insights in the following areas:

  • Efficiency Rating
  • Microsoft 365 Subscribers
  • Activity on Key Applications
  • Potential Annual Cost Savings
  • Data Storage and Security
  • Microsoft Secure Score and Risk Assessment

FREE Microsoft Efficiency Health Check

We offer a free Smarter SaaS Health Check where we analyze your current Microsoft 365 licensing management. After you are tested and scored, we will provide free advice on how to improve your score! This is all included with the Smarter SaaS free trial. Find out where you stand by visiting our free trial page here or sign up below:

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