Our Valued Partners: Unlocking the Power of Microsoft 365 with Unparalleled Management, Security, and Optimization

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About Exertis:

Exertis is a leading global distributor and provider of technology solutions, specializing in the distribution of a wide range of consumer and business products. They are known for their expertise in delivering innovative technology solutions to their customers. Exertis formed a strategic partnership with TBSC, a renowned provider of IT services. This collaboration has enabled Exertis to unlock the power of Microsoft 365 by offering unparalleled management, security, and optimization services. By leveraging TBSC’s expertise and resources, Exertis provides comprehensive solutions that ensure the efficient management and protection of Microsoft 365 environments. With a focus on optimizing productivity and enhancing data security, this partnership reinforces Exertis’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses in today’s digital landscape.

About Bigger Brains:

Bigger Brains is an online training platform that combines TV-style video production, modern graphics, and animation with top experts.  The result is a “Uniquely Engaging™” Teacher/Learner style, which uses video, conversation, practical examples, and Instinctive Elaboration to create outcome-oriented lessons which are effective AND enjoyable. Fully integrated eLearning courses can be easily accessed directly from Microsoft Teams, or from the Bigger Brains Classroom, or your LMS – anytime, anywhere.  Bigger Brains and TBSC work together to boost Microsoft 365 usage and staff productivity through training on Microsoft 365 applications.

Quote from Chip Reaves, President at Bigger Brains

“At Bigger Brains, our goal is to help people be more productive, especially by improving their skills and their comfort level with the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Apps. TBSC has a similar goal in how they help organizations analyze their Microsoft 365 usage to identify areas where utilization can be improved or costs can be reduced, so we’re happy to be partnering with them to help companies improve their Microsoft 365 productivity in new ways.”  


About EasySAM

EasySAM are an independent Software Asset Management (SAM) consultancy partner, providing analysis and advice around software purchased and deployed. EasySAM & TBSC work together to help organisations correct any potential overspend on software, make sure that any risks are proactively identified and addressed, and see quick returns through software asset management.

Quote from May Turnbull, Director at EasySAM

“Finding a partner in the industry that aligns itself to your own high company standards and customer satisfaction orientation is rare.  We recognised these qualities early in TBSC and hope to make our relationship with them, and their Smarter365 technology, a long-standing and ever improving one.  With Smarter365 we have yet to have a customer where identified savings doesn’t 100% cover the cost of the solution and more’



About The SAM Club

The SAM Club are Independent Licensing & Software Asset Management Consultants with long term clients in the legal, insurance, banking, construction, and other sectors. The SAM Club offers a managed service, SAM4SaaS, that utilises TBSC’s SmarterSaaS technology to help clients optimize their Office 365/M365 license subscriptions. On a regular monthly basis the SAM4SaaS service highlights actions to potentially save licensing costs, maximise the benefits from the organisation’s investment and ensure compliance. For more information and to arrange a demonstration contact info@thesamclub.co.uk

Quote from Ian Nicholls, Managing Consultant at The SAM Club 

“Adding a SmarterSaaS-based service into our portfolio has enabled The SAM Club to keep its client services up to date with in-depth usage analysis and cost optimisation of the latest Microsoft M365 cloud-based products, licensing & subscriptions.”