Quite simply, for government entities affiliated with creating and enforcing laws, failure to comply with license requirements would result in a public relations nightmare. The very thought of software representatives appearing at the public agency’s door, and possibly finding that not all of the entity’s software is fully licensed, is enough to make even the most stoic government IT director blanch.

In response to this potential threat, government managers have typically over-purchased software licenses to ensure compliance. The result is a feeling of being forced to comply and wasting precious fiscal resources, or of facing the embarrassment and any political fall- out involved with audits that don’t end smoothly. This fear-based model has caused gridlock and confusion not to mention an unnecessary strain on the IT department’s budget and time.
The inefficiencies and confusion inherent in a fear- based compliance model raise a fundamental question: Why has this approach been favored for so long?

The good news is that this fear-based model is finally changing. At The Business Software Centre we specialise in software efficiency. Our software usage metering solution – Rentsoft Meter – measures software usage by the minute for every user. It is quick and easy to conduct an assessment and provide your organisation with a tailored Software Efficiency Rating chart along with ways to save money if you are not meeting benchmark efficiency levels.

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