In today’s interconnected world, maintaining robust security measures is paramount for businesses. With the rise of hybrid work environments, the need for comprehensive security solutions has become more critical than ever. Recognizing this, The Business Software Centre (TBSC) has unveiled an exciting new feature for Smarter Secure software: Security Alerts. This feature empowers organizations to proactively monitor and address potential threats, providing enhanced protection for their valuable data and ensuring a competitive edge in the face of evolving cybersecurity challenges.

Keeping Track of Security Alerts

The Security Alerts feature in Smarter Secure introduces a separate icon within the dashboard, offering users easy access to real-time information on new, resolved, and priority security alerts. By categorizing alerts, businesses can swiftly identify and prioritize their response to potential threats. This functionality enables organizations to efficiently track their progress in addressing security issues and reinforces a proactive approach to safeguarding their digital assets.

Gaining Insight into Threat Levels

One of the most valuable aspects of the Security Alerts feature is its ability to provide users with visibility into the level of threats they face. By monitoring and analyzing security alerts on a monthly basis, businesses can gain valuable insights into emerging patterns and trends. This information empowers organizations to better understand the magnitude and nature of security threats, enabling them to take proactive measures to resolve potential vulnerabilities promptly.

Ensuring Data Health with Comprehensive Checks

TBSC understands that maintaining a healthy data environment is essential for businesses to remain competitive and protect their sensitive information. To address this, Smarter Secure incorporates a comprehensive health check feature. This functionality enables organizations to assess the usage of subscriptions, benchmark their security practices against best practices, and perform data health checks. By utilizing this feature, businesses can ensure their security posture is robust and that their data remains secure from potential threats.

Elevating Security with Secure Score

In an era where data breaches and cyber attacks are a constant concern, organizations must continuously evaluate and improve their security measures. Smarter Secure’s Secure Score feature is designed to assess the overall strength of an organization’s security infrastructure. By providing a secure score, this feature quantifies the level of security and vulnerability, allowing businesses to identify areas of weakness and take appropriate action to fortify their defenses.

The new Security Alerts feature in Smarter Secure by TBSC represents a significant milestone in empowering organizations to combat the ever-growing threat landscape. By offering real-time visibility into security alerts, assisting in tracking progress, and providing valuable insights into threat levels, businesses can proactively address security issues and protect their data effectively. Furthermore, the health check and secure score functionalities reinforce the importance of maintaining robust security practices and aid in identifying vulnerabilities. With Smarter Secure, businesses can embrace hybrid work environments confidently, knowing they have a powerful tool to mitigate security risks and ensure their continued success in an increasingly challenging digital landscape.

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